We are a manufacturer and distributor of plastic balls for ball pits. We offer plastic balls in 30 colors that are attuned to modern trends of interior design and 3 sizes that are accommodated to the needs of children of different ages. Additionally, we offer foam baby ball pools for home use. The ball pools are available in 2 sizes and 12 colors that perfectly match the colors of our plastic balls.

As a family business, we focus on product quality and safety. Our balls are made of high-quality LDPE and fulfill the phthalate and cadmium content requirements of the Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), as well as the requirements of the PN-EN 71-1+A9:2009 "Safety of toys – Part 1. Mechanical and physical properties", articles 4.22 and 5.10 (a).


We cooperate mainly with kindergartens and daycare centers, owners of indoor play areas and outdoor-event's organizers. Quite a large group of our clients are restaurants, hotels and guest houses.  We supply our products to theatres, film production companies and advertising agencies. We also sale our products directly to private customers.


Children safety is our highest priority. We accept no cost-cutting when it comes to quality of raw materials used for production. Appropriate thickness and flexibility of the row material prevents our balls from fracturing and crumpling. Our ball pools have removable covers, that are made from machine-washable fabric in order to ensure proper hygiene.

We highly value the accuracy of performance and the rich color choice. Our balls are adapted to modern trends of interior design, while staying true to classic children's colors. Moreover, the plastic balls are shiny and look esthetic.

Our production and distribution facilities are located in Central Europe, which helps us minimize production and storage costs. Thanks to dies, we can offer products of European quality at reasonable prices.

We do not require professional knowledge from our clients. We will advise you and we help you to choose the plastic balls that perfectly match your specific needs.