Round ball pits filled with colorful plastic balls are ideal for both a child's room and a living room. They are sold in sets, each set includes a ball pit and 200 balls with a diameter of 7 cm in selected colors. The ball pits are made of polyurethane foam and wrapped in a two-piece cotton cover – one for the walls and one for the bottom. The covers are removable what makes them easy to keep clean (they can be machine-washed at temperatures up to 40 °C). Thanks to a perfect size (outside diameter is 91 cm) the ball pits are small enough to fit into a small children's rooms, at the same time they are big enough to be a decoration of a large living room. Thanks to 5 cm walls and 4 cm bottom the pits are solid and durable, at the same time they are soft and safe.



The ball pits are made of 4 cm (bottom) and 5 cm (walls) polyurethane foam. The foam structure is covered with a two-piece cotton cover. The ball pits outside diameter is 91 cm. The high depends on your choice – 32 cm or 40 cm.

The plastic balls in the set are made of a non-toxic and safe for children low-density polyethylene (LDPE). The standard set contains 7 cm balls. Optionally you can choose 6 cm or 8 cm balls instead of the 7 cm balls (please note that some colors may be not available for those sizes).


The plastic balls meet the phthalate and cadmium content requirements of the Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) and the requirements of the PN-EN 71-1+A9:2009 "Safety of toys – Part 1. Mechanical and physical properties", articles 4.22 and 5.10 (a).



We offer covers for home ball pits in 12 colors. There are soft and intensive colors in the color palette. The colors were chosen so that on one hand they would please the end users of our ball pits, that is children, on the other hand we decided to use uniform colors of the covers, thanks to this our ball pits combined with multicolored plastic balls looks aesthetically. The 7 cm plastic balls are available in 30 colors – standard children's colors, pastels and metallic colors.

black – red – purple – graphite – dark blue – light pink – blue – light blue – pink – grey – grey (jersay) – green


yellow – red – blue – green – orange – light blue – pink – purple – white – black – celadon – beige – turquoise – powder pink – grey – transparent – heather – blueberry – lime – white pearl – silver – gold – baby blue – cinnamon – mint – dirty pink – metallic blue – metallic pink – metallic turquoise – light grey